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CakeArt Creations "The Studio" Atherstone


Please meet some of our team working here at CakeArt Creations "The Studio" in Atherstone.
















Lynda Gilbey


Lynda, owner and founder of CakeArt Creations has always had a passion for cakes. Growing up she always loved baking and by 13 was making cakes herself. It was then that she announced to her Grandad that one day she would have her own cake shop, just like her Uncle Bob, who was the local Baker at the now Millers Hotel, Sibson. This love of cakes never wavered and has become her lifelong passion.

When Claire, her baby sister was 4 years old, Lynda created a crinoline lady cake which provided the catalyst towards turning her passion into a career, even though Claire was upset that Lynda had pulled the legs off her much loved Barbie to use the torso for the cake.

At the party a friends Mum asked Lynda to make a cake for her daughter and soon Lynda was making cakes for the whole Nursery. With her skill level and confidence growing it wasn’t long before Lynda was being asked to do demonstrations and baking cakes on a regular basis from home. When her not so little sister entered College to become a Chef, Lynda’s knowledge of cake decorating was sought from the Senior Bakery Lecturer, which initiated her teaching career. Within a year it was apparent to Lynda that there was a need for a retail outlet for her students to access materials and equipment – so in 1993 CakeArt Creations was born.

A lecturer for over 20 years, Lynda has taught CENTRA, ABC and City & Guilds at various Colleges within the Midlands area, whilst successfully running a retail business in Atherstone. Lynda is our Senior Lecturer and Head of School at the Studio and ensures that all courses are run to the highest specifications. Lynda is an accredited tutor for the professional PME Diplomas in Sugarcraft and also designs and delivers a number of our other highly successful cake baking and decorating classes.







Melissa Nightingale


Co-Director of The Studio, Melissa works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the business and often acts as Course Co-ordinator.